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Release Blitz: April 10, 2017
How do you know when a fake relationship turns into a real one? #AskingForAFriend Claire is not: - A natural athlete - Very good with mornings - Greyson Vaughn’s real girlfriend But she pretends to be his girlfriend on television. And Twitter. And the gossip websites that question Every. Single. Thing. about his movie star existence. Including the question on everyone’s lips — #WhosThatGirl? Enlisted by her grandmother to act as Greyson’s “mysterious English girlfriend” during a weekend at Castle Calder, Claire agrees to help the Hollywood hottie combat rumors of stalking his pop-star ex. She needs a distraction — from grad school, bills and her dull-as-dishwater love life — and, well, it’s only for a weekend. Until Greyson asks her to continue the ruse through his upcoming London premiere. And another trip to Castle Calder for a sexy weekend escape. Where there are no cameras and no reporters. Nothing but the two of them and a “fake” relationship that’s starting to feel very, very real.
I really loved this story. Claire and Greyson were so much fun to read. The circumstances leading up to their relationship may be a wee bit weird, but it ended up working out fantastically. 

I love how St John Brown wrote this story. The highs, the lows, the unknowns, the secrets, the scandal. 

The high profile life that Greyson leads was never an issue. The fact that Claire was just a girl who works in a castle was never an issue. They were able to find something that people rarely do, and that's REAL people. Greyson was able to let his guard down significantly because Claire wouldn't cater to his crap. He needed that. She needed his ability to read into her without her saying a word. Seriously. These two were a perfect match. 

I would have given this five stars if it weren't for how it ended. The ending just sort of ... stopped? There was no follow up or through or whatever. I didn't really like that but it didn't take away from the story. It's just that *I* needed more than was given. It worked all right for the story but I was slightly disappointed in that. 
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Brenda is a displaced New Yorker living in the English countryside. She writes novels about teens and twenty-somethings kissing. Her characters do other things, too, but there's always kissing. When she's not writing, Brenda enjoys hiking, running and reading. In theory, she also enjoys cooking, but it's more that she enjoys eating and, try as she might, she can't live on Doritos alone.  
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